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The history of steam rooms can be traced back to ancient Greece. Steam not only relaxes you, it renews your energy, and is health giving. As a supportive activity, a steam is especially recommended to alleviate the following conditions: Bronchial asthma, bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, coughs, hoarseness, non-acute rheumatic complaints and restricted or painful movements of the joints. (The list was confirmed by the research carried out at the Institute of medical Balneology and Climatology at the University of Munich)

The steam rooms at Anew U Spa are private. You can be in the room by yourself or with whomever you choose. The rooms will accommodate up to five adults comfortably. You can choose to have aroma therapy added, salt scrubs or mud to enhance your steam experience.

The benefit of steam prior to a massage: your muscles will be warmed for the massage.

The benefit of steam after a massage: your massage will loosen toxins in your body, a steam after a massage will pull toxins out of your body.

The benefit of steam prior to a facial: opens your pores to enable the estetician to clean your skin with ease.


Anew U Spa has several essential oils for you to choose from to enjoy in your steam. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for psychological and physical well being.

Sugar Scrub

Anew U Spa offers several different scents of sugar scrubs for a natural, gentle exfoliant that moisturizes your skin.