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Anew U Spa offers only the best in tanning to enable you to have an experience like none other. We feature the latest state-of-the-art technology, which offers UVA and UVB exposure in a controlled environment for optimal tanning results. A healthy tan has long been associated with vitality, youthfulness and prosperity and has also been attributed to the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. As prolonged outdoor exposure to the natural rays of the sun continues to become more dangerous, the benefits of indoor tanning are becoming more appreciated and accepted as a safer alternative for people who want to maintain a healthy tan year-round.

Your most difficult task will be to choose which bed you would like to try......

Ergoline Open Sun 550

This lay down bed is perfect for the person who dislikes the “closed-in” feeling. Your head is outside of the bed, however due to A.R.T. Technology (Advanced Reflective Tanning) the bed provides fantastic tanning results to all areas including face and shoulders. (Maximum 12 minutes)

Ergoline Affinity 600

This lay down bed is equiped with Ultra Performance facial tanners shoulder tanners to provide an even all over tan. The Temtronic climate control system gives you a cool and relaxing tanning experience. (Maximum 12 minutes)

Suncapsule 220

This stand up bed is equiped with comfortable handholds, which allows you to find your ideal tanning position. The Suncapsule represents a breakthrough in high performance tanning unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is equiped with 54 powerful 220 watt bulbs, and a 22mph breeze to cool you while tanning. (Maximum 10 minutes)